12 September 2009

Couple Cushions

These cute couple's cushions were made for dear friend at Singapore. She is a busy mom with a toddler girl. Let me quoted what she wrote on her Online-store. "...Life is beautiful and colorful. I always appreciate hand and home made production because their dedication and passion will be reflected on their work. Along the way, I discovered some products that are very unique and yet useful and I would like to share them with everyone. In result I have set up this home-based business as part of my activities besides others such as taking care of my family, cooking, marketing, cleaning and many more ..." It's sweet rite? Anyway, what I see the differences between local customers to Singaporean customers are the "type" of cushions they ordered. Most of my local clients are mommies who were ordering cushions to their children. And most of these Singaporean clients were couple who are ordering to their boyfriend or husband. The only thing in common is the one who make the purchase is the female one ^_^. For me, this job-order was interested, because i normally just make one design to one gender, let say 'the plane applique' for boy, and 'the fairy applique' for girl. So, when one design was chosen for both gender it took me days to finished them. Take a look to these pictures. It was very simple, yet make me a bit dizzy to produce. But as always, the customers like the end result, so I think I made a good job. aaahhhaaahaa..

1 comment:

  1. Nice ones. It is a trend now to give your couple with this handmade and personalised things. It's surely a surprising gift...just like wedding or engagement rings, each one keeps others name :)
    This ones are not formal, they are casual gifts(because they're really affordable...i bet candle light dinner will cost us quadruple).
    Diamonds are nice gift (yet expensive), but this pilo-pilo can replace diamonds so easily to melt your couple's heart... :).
    pilo-pilo rocks!!!