28 October 2009

Mother & Baby Magazine, November 2009

Last sunday (Oct, 25th) I've got a message from a friend from Manado, she said "hey, I saw pilo-pilo's article on Mother & Baby magazine. congratulation!"... I said "What?? when?? which edition?"... funny, because I remember a nice lady from that magazine interviewed me, but she didn't tell me when it will be published. I went to buy that magazine straight away, because I was realy curious what she wrote on it. It's a very short article, not too many information on it. And she put the picture that was taken from my blog, hence, it looks blur when they printed it... >_<...
But it was nice thougth, because after that article published, I received many messages to my email and my mobilephone. Thanks to Mother & Baby Magazine.

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