05 October 2009

The Names Making Process

Actually this should be a secret, don't you think? But, well that's okay, since I like to share things I know to my friends, then here a little info about the names making process.
1st step is writing down the name on a piece of paper. (The font was created by my hubby, he said he made this font letter since he was on 4th grade ....yeaah rite...^_^, anyway I like this font so much, that's why I use it in almost all cushions I made.) hahaa, back to the making process again..., after the name was written down, the 2nd step is choosing & cutting the fabric -see photo-. 3rd step is to sew the chosen fabric to specific cushion motive. 4th step is cutting the remain fabrics. and the last step is embroidering the edge of the name -see photo-.
Back then, when I told my embroider staff that I will take picture in every step of the making process, he agreed to it. But when I stand next to him with my camera on stand-by mode, waiting for the rite moment to take, that man was in panic. His hand was shake terribly, he couldn't finish the work. I remember asked him to take a 5 minutes break before we start again. When the time was up, he said "can i comb my hair first?" I laugh out loud and said sorry but only your hand will be published. Anyway, you can see that the man is surely know what he's doing. His work is neat and pretty fast. And he can do almost all of my new design without making any major mistake.
Oooh almost forget, I bet you guys won't notice they were the hands of a man if i didn't mention it ^_^

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