10 December 2009

Personalized Towels

I wanted to add these personalized towels as children goodie bags from long time ago. But since I work alone (in this case I have to buy all the fabrics, do all the marketing activities, design the product, managing the workers, so on so forth) so it is very difficult to speed up the work. Sometimes I must handle a 'rewel-banget-customer' on the phone while purchasing fabrics on a-hot-non-aircon-traditional-smelly-market, or sometimes while I concentrate hard to find an idea to create a new motive/product, it all just went crash-boom-bang when I've got a call from my worker telling that we run out of fabric A, or ribbon X is too short, or silicon for cushions filler is not yet arrived in time. Arrggghh.T_T.
Anyway, I just realized that 'pilo-pilo' is one year old this month; and it makes me happy knowing that pilo-pilo is still up and crawling (not running yet). And as always, when I'm happy I can easily find idea to do this or create that. So, here are my latest towels for goodie bags. They are available in 4 different motives / 4 different lining colours. And I really hope my client will like them as much as I do.

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  1. "Hi, Thanks! They are very nice! My toddler son loves animal. He is going to childcare soon so these towels are for him to bring to school for easy recognition by teachers when bathing the kids" (message from: beary_babe) ^_6