02 December 2009

Polo & Mini-denim Goodie

These goodie bags were ordered by Mrs. Julee. She wants polo tee as well as my latest denim bag. However she said, she only have certain budget for all the goodie bags. So, I said, why not order both of them? I can re-size the denim bag from actual size 30 x 40 cm to 20 x 25 cm, and the re-sizing is surely will reduce the cost of the bag. She Ok with that idea. Well, as you can see, I put an extra ribbon for girl's goodie, and a colorful octopus puppet for the boys. I really hope she likes them. Anyway, it's kind of weird cos this is the only goodie I made but I dont know what's the name of the birthday boy/girl ... haiks... I don't even know Mrs. Julee has a daughter or a son... not good Landy not goooood.

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