29 December 2009

Tania's towel goodie

It's the end of the year 2009, yet pilo-pilo is still open for order. We understand that children birthday parties are very important for themselves (and also to the pop, mom, grands, aunties, uncles and their friends ^_^). Birthday party means b'day cake, b'day gown/costume, b'day food, and lastly b'day goodie for each of the friends and relatives who are celebrating the b'day party.

For this reason, parents of the children who were born on late December or early January will have no problem celebrating their b'day party because pilo-pilo will take care of those trouble in hunting for goodies. (well, I'll tell you a little secret, very soon pilo-pilo will have bday cake and all stuff related to children bday, so parents you don't need to go anywhere else. U just come to our store, pick your own cake and all, and....voila, everything will be ready from A to Z to your beloved one... hmmm I cross my finger now).

Anyway, these photos shown above are Tania's goodies ordered by Mrs. Gracia. She loves green and she wants the same goodie for her boy and girl little guest. Here what pilo-pilo made for her. Happy 2nd bday dearest Tantan. Mbuuuaaaah !!!

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