22 March 2010

Benedict's Denim Tote Bags

Benedict is a friend of Beatrice (a.k.a. Bea). They are kindergarten students of PSB Singapore School - Kelapa Gading. It seemed like Benedict's mom fell in love with Bea's goodies, cos she came to our workshop a week after Bea's party :) ... What a lucky me! Unlike Bea's mom, Benedict's mom requested only our denim tote bags. So, I thought Bea's goodies still numero uno , cos Bea's had a package of 3 different goodies at once ^_^. Well, apparently the standard just went higher :)), cos' about 2 weeks after she ordered, she sent to me 4 big boxes full of towels and snacks with a memo "those are parts of Benedict's goodies, please put each of 'em inside the bag" hmmm....?! not finished there yet, several days later two boxes full of two different cookies were also sent to us. Another look-a-like memo "those are parts of Benedict's goodies" .... hmmmm ....... hahaha.. now I think, all PSB kids' mom rocks !!!
Anyway, I've got calls from some of Bea & Benedict friends' moms ... and now I'm kinda worried, cos' I'm run of goodies variety... sniff... I must think harder to find different kind of goodies for 'em ... c'mon Landy think think think !!!!

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