14 April 2010

Time is racing by and SYDNEY's turning 5

Beeb... beeb... vroom... vroom ... yup yuup 'VW beetle car' is the theme of my tomboy girl 'Sydney' 5th bday party. Take a look of the bday cake she requested, isn't it cute? How about the goody bags which were towels with colorful VW motives embroidered on it, aren't they cute? ooh and one more thing, look at the thank you note for each of her friends, it's a key chain with the shape of -againVW beetle car- and little note made by dear Daddy... AREN'T they gorgeous.... ??? one more one more .... look at her shirt, it's another VW beetle motive especially made for her on her big day.... love this kid with all our hearts. My two little people are the best things God have give us. Can't stop give thanks to the BIG man up there for all the bless. Dearest Sydney, may God bless every single step you take. Mommy, Daddy & Dede Erin love you. smooch... smooch.... smooooooch....

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