24 June 2010

Winston's 1st B'day

Mrs. Sari Natalia a.k.a Lia (Winston's mom) emailed me back in early May 2010.
I reckon she'd read my whole blog, 'cos in one of her email I remember she said: "It's quite interesting to read your blog. It's like I know you since ages" ^_^ Well, eventually it's true. Since later on we talked/discussed many things not only about the goodies, but also about kids, our Online shop, etc. hahaha

Talking about her goodies, she later chose cushions with specific note: I want yellow. She said she loves yellow when she was preggy to Winston. From the day he was born, Winston is also only attracted to that color. To quote what she said: "we are so in love with yellow, it makes us fond of everything with that color, well, except for poop...". Wuaahahaha....

The photo shown here is the finished goods. I only can provide half of what she needed cos I am run out of that specific fabrics. You know, dealing with fabric is somewhat hard, cos we can only have what available in the market. So when its gone, its gone T_T

To finish things up: happy 1st birthday my dearest Winston. Congratulation to the proud parents Peter & Lia. And I am very glad to have a new friend like you. Same like you, I'm a mama bawel too. So, viva mama bawel. (PS: Mama Bawel is Lia's Online Shop on Facebook, go add her and browse to her album, she sells many baby good stuff there) ^^


  1. love it love it love it
    a big hug and kisses for my dear Landy...
    thank u so much Lan :D

  2. Hello,
    Please kindly send me the price and min order for this cussion to nengshanty_tujuh@yahoo.com