26 August 2010

Somebody wears my handmade bag - part 2

My daily schedule every 12.30 is picking up my Sydney from School. Sometimes I was late, but other time I was early. Well, nothing special rite 'cos other moms also experiencing the same routine ^_^ hehe
While waiting for her, I keep notice that one of the nanny always carry this denim bag that for sure is one that we made. Judging by the look and the color of it.. well, it was worn for sometimes now. ^_^. I'm feeling very very happy, 'cos you know that was my first plan when I made my goody; kid who received it will wear it (well, most of the time the nanny is the one who carry it cos this little boss just too busy playing and doesn't care about his/her belonging :p). Its very relief to know that our goodies were not passed to the maid, or worse re-pack and become a gift to whoever having birthday next :)


  1. Comment from Ms. Ellen Humardani on my Facebook wall on Friday, 27 Aug 2010 ^_^

    Ellen Humardani wrote:
    Hi sist,
    I read your article about the handmade denim bag named EMILY that belongs to my daughter. :p

    My daughter got this bag from her friend's birthday last year as a goody bag. She loves it and keeps her belongings in that bag. Like you said, my little princess can get too busy playing that she lets my nanny take care of her belongings. However, Emily has no plans of giving this bag away to her nanny or even regifting it to her friends since she said the bag has her name on it so it will always be hers. :p

    I think your bag and pillow creations are great! Keep up the good work!

    p/s: Emily wears this bag to tuition centres and she looks cute slinging the bag on her shoulder.

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