11 January 2011

January 11th, 2011

What a great day today. 11-01-11. Ckckck, I bet many couples get married today. Or perhaps many (cesarean) babies are born on this exact day. Hehehe.

Anyway, I actually don't have something new to share in my blog today but well, I will not let this great day pass just like any day. So, since I woke up this morning my head couldn't stop thinking what to write ... what to write... what to write ... hahaha

Take a look at these pictures. These are fresh from the oven. I capture them at 12.30 this afternoon when I pick up my Sydney from school.
Yeah, my Koala amigurumi is hanging on little Clairine's school bag.

This is the owner of the bag "Clairine". She doesn't want to look at the camera. Hehe can't blame her, she's a bit sleepy. Toddlers get cranky easily when they are hungry, sleepy, etc right moms? :P

So glad that my koala ami has found a new bear-friend. Phew, finally there's something to post on 11-01-11 (^_^)

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