01 February 2011

The One and Only BIBRINA

Last Friday, I got a nice package of souvenirs from Japan from my lovely customer -slash- new friend Bibrina. Let's address her as "B". It's always fun to get free gifts especially great ones *uhuuuk-cough-uhuuuk-more-please* :p

Not just those souvenirs, today B sent me 45 great photos of my bunny amigurumi @ Japan. B brought her there on her one week business trip *face-green-of-jealousy* LOL :p

Here 5 photos of them (not easy to choose though).
Photo 1: Bunny and sweet juicy strawberries. B said, those are the biggest and the yummiest strawberries she has ever had. Ehhm, I had bigger *aaaw-ditimpukin-strawberry-ama-Bibrina

Photo 2: Bunny on B's lunch tray. *slurp-drolling :D

Photo 3: Bunny on Disney Sea, Japan. Can you see where's my bunny? ^^

Photo 4: B's shopping bag. Whatever it was she bought there, I got some *woohhooo

Photo 5: The one and only -sweet as strawberry- Bibrina

Today, Tuesday February 1st, 2011, I will deliver 5 more amigurumi to her (can't tell you what they are 'cos some of them I have not started selling yet). And I hope that very soon, B will go to Dubai, European countries, USA and many more new places and bring my amigurumi with her, so that I'll have more great stuffs to post on my blog. Hahaha. As for me, I ..... I .... I cry *woaaaa-pengen-jalan-jalan-jugaaaaa T_T (ROTFL) :p

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