12 April 2011

Baby Koala Amigurumi @ Sydney

Today, dearest B sent me the pictures of her trip to Sydney, Australia. Bukan mau manas-manasin I yang udah lama gak jalan-jalan (-_-") but karena kemanapun B pergi, she brought pilo-pilo's ami with her. Yeehhaaaa .... more pictures and more stories to my blog... tengkyu Bibrina *give-B-a-hulk-hug*

This is our baby Koala at Sydney Opera House. Sweeeet. Pasti koalanya berasa kayak pulang kampung deh hehehe... PS: itu background bukan tempelan loh yah, B bener-bener ke Sydney for 1 day meeting (ckckckckc-geleng2-kepala-dengan-kecepatan-50km/hour) ^^

Nah, I actually have more pictures from B. Not just from her trip to Japan and OZ, but also from her trip to Bali, Sentul, etc... But not sure why, I only uploaded those from her trip to RuarNegri. *siul-siul* hehehehe, eniwe these are some of B's amigurumi collections. Ckckckck... more ami will join them by May.

Thanks B for being a FREE spokesperson for pilo pilo amigurumi. Girl, you deserve more free ami. Kiss Bibrina.

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