26 April 2011

Cushion w/ Stuffed Dolls - Part 2

I declared this month as stuffed dolls month hehehe ... I was so in love with this cutie bunny, now I made almost 100 of them haha.... btw, the one in the picture bellow was me, critanya lagi jahit mata-mulut-udel si bunny .... please please don't do this at home. C'mon moms, when you already home, make sure your time is for your kids, and not for your work. I wasn't proud with this *keluh* :p

So, to have 100 pieces of these cute bunnies, means I must design and make more of my new cushions for them. Hmmm... can I do that... well, of course I can... I am in good mood lately, and good mood makes people think more creatively, don't you agree Moms.

Here are 3 of my new cushions with stuffed bunny dolls.

And yes, just now they are all sold out *big grin* but hey, don't worry there are about 4 or 5 new designs by next week..... ihiiik... Thanks Moms for being such great customers. Love y'all.

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