10 May 2011

Jillian's Bee ^^

Ms. Ellen, Jillian's mommy has been in contact with me since early March. Her goody order for Jillian's 1st b'day is 30 pcs of our bath-towels. She wanted 'bee' as the theme for Jillian's goody, and I said it shouldn't be a problem. Bee, right? easy! :p

As usual, my source of inspiration comes from google *hug-my-PC*... but hey, just realized that 'bee' is not a cute insect. Haha, none of the bee pictures I found on internet is cute. All of them have scary or silly looking face. When the insect looks cute (in the face), then they must be a butterfly or lady bug. Hahaha ... anyway, luckily I found one that cute enough, and here are the pictures of Jillian goody in progress with that bee on it.

Photo 1: Bentuknya oval, warna-warni, dibordir gak sejajar? Guess, what are they going to be? :)

Photo 2: See, it becomes a yellow-purple bee buzzing around 4 colorful flowers.

Photo 3: This is the final work for embroidering a buzzing bee on 4 flowers, a new motive first made for Ms. Ellen Johan.

When I uploaded these photos, those goodies are in 'name-embroidering-progress'. Hopefully by end of this week all towels are ready and can be delivered to dear Ellen. Thanks so much, darl ^^, hope you like what we make for dear baby J. God bless.

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