07 July 2011

Angry Birds T-Shirt

Yesterday, before I went home I updated my FB status like this "After 2 years, finally I made one more giant-cushion ckckckc ... photo will be uploaded tomolo :) see y'all becok yah bubaaaiii" ......... and guess what photo will I post now?

This is one of them.

Hahaha.. it's definitely not the new-giant-cushion, but it's a T-shirt with the applique of red angry bird on it. Hehehe. So sorry Moms, I just couldn't help it.

There's one more, here we go.

Yeah, it's the silly green king pig. My girl asked me why the name on that t-shirt is Heidi? It's not her name. I said that because the t-shirt belongs to Heidi, and she just become the model for it :p. But I promise to make her one, and I hope it's ready by August hahahaha.

To Diana, mommy of Heidi and Hayden, thanks so much for keep coming back for more. *Peluk

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