22 December 2011

Vanity Packed & Shipped

Happy Mothers Day to all Moms in Indonesia. Yes, you.... and you... and you.... and me, too. *Group hug*
This morning before I went to office, I saw my kid drawing a Happy Mother's Day card for me. How sweet. I wish I could post that card here, but well she didn't quite finished it yet so, she wasn't allow me to take picture of her half finished drawing ^^

Anyway, hari ini mau info kalo para smurf genit udah di pick-up Mr. Post man yah. Harusnya besok udah pada nyampe ke para new owner-nya. Ini dia foto sebelum dikirim.
Bye-bye Vanity, be good di rumah baru yah. Smooch.

Thanks all, and again "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" Muaccchhh .... ^^

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