14 February 2012

Monkey Love

Hi all, happy valentine's day .... menyambut hari kasih sayang ini, pilo pilo me-release amigurumi terbaru: Monkey in Love.
Ini adalah sepenggal cerita si monyet yang mencari cinta... *duduk manis sambil nge-pop corn yuuuk... mareee*

pic 1:
Monkey: "Hi, y'all... I'm MoMo the monkey, I sailed over 7 seas to find my true love, and this is my story"

Pic 2:
MoMo: "Hi you bunny, I heard that in Europe there are so many cute bunnies, are you the one I'm looking for *colek pipi*"
Bunny: "Well, that's depend. What's your favorite food?"
MoMo: "It's definitively banana"
Bunny: "hmmm, in that case I'm not the one you looking for, cos I prefer my boyfriend to love carrot"
MoMo: *sad*

pic 3:
Momo: "Sampe juga di Jepang, hai yuuuu cewe pake kimono, are you my soul-mate?"
Hello Kitty: "Watashi wa sou wa omoi masen" <-- (translate: I don't think so)
MoMo: *makin sedih*

pic 4:
MoMo: "aaaah finally, the cutest African Elephant I ever seen, do you wanna be my girlfriend?"
Elephant: "I like the one who can do trumpeting sound, can you do that?"
MoMo: "Hiiiixx ... I can't, my sound is OO--OOO--OO-AAA-AAAA!!!
Elephant: "So, sorry then"
MoMo: *so-so sad*

pic 5:
MoMo: "This would be my last journey, I'm tired .... It took more than 20 hours from Jakarta to North America... brown bear sweet heart, are you my other-half"
Bear: "Do you like honey and salmon"
Momo: "Whaaattt??? Oh nooo, I'm alergic to seafood"
Bear: "bye bye then"
Momo: * so super d duper sad*

pic 6:
MoMo: "Doggy, my best friend, I'm so super tired, I don't think I could find my soul mate. I've searched every corner in every country.... I still can't find her *sobbing*"
Doggy: "Wooof, don't be sad my buddy, you know what old people say kalo udah jodoh gak akan kemana" #prikitiieewww:p

pic 7:
Gukguk: "Hi brother, here's my new friend, her name is Kee-Kee, she's new in town"

pic 8:
MoMo: "Heeeeiiii who's that? OMG, so super cute, may I know your name???"
Doggy: "Ouuuch, heeeeii dude I'm not a chair"
Gukguk: "Aaarrggh, you poke my eye"
Kee-Kee: *iiiih ganteng juga nih monyet*

pic 9:
MoMo: "Finally, I found you. Do u wanna be my Valentine"
Kee-Kee: "Yes, I do"
MoMo: "I will always love you"
Kee-Kee: "and me to you"


Hehehehehehe hope u enjoy this story.
Ok, this limited 'monkey in love' amigurumi is now on sale.
As usual you can order them by sending email to pilo.info@gmail.com or thru our Facebook OS @Pilo Pilo Goodies
Thanks to all... and Happy Valentine's day ... muach muach


  1. hello.. saya adalah salah satu dari penggemar amiruguminya pilo2.. gemes yaaa... pengen belajar :(...

  2. On behalf of pilo-pilo's amigurumi team I thank your for the compliment. Hayoook belajar bikin mbak, and let the fun begins. :)

  3. wah hebat banget bisa plek gitu ... :)

  4. no no no gak plek at all ^^ ... ini 2nd attempt lengan/kaki nya letoi sekali :p kalo 1st attempt lengan/kaki nya gendut sekali... jadi kaku seperti cabang pohon hahahahaha ^^