11 September 2009

Giraffe Cushion

The story behind these giraffe cushions was like this.... once upon a time *giggling... i feel a bit sleepy just to say 'once upon a time'* a friend ordered goodie bags for her birthday girl ... she loves yellow so much and she wanted to have a yellow goodie bag despite my existing bags which were already in purple, pink and green. she allowed me to embroidered any animals character to suit this specific yellow bag. I tried lion, dog, and deer .... but none was as cute as i though ... then, i tried giraffe... when it was done it surely put a very big smile on my face. I think this friend of mine was as happy as me to see the result... and as ussual, a happy customer is always come back for more... guess what? she wanted the same giraffe on her cushions... and here what i made for her.

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