11 September 2009

Sherine's Cushions

Sometimes when i don't have customers rushing me to finish their order, I have time to make this and that for my girls. These 3 different colors cushion were made for my second daughter 'Sherine' for her first birthday on February 2nd, 2009. Happy birthday dear Sherine, Mom-Dad-Ciecie Sydney love you. Smooch. Smooch. Smooch.

1 comment:

  1. we don't bother buying gifts for our friends' children anymore (sometimes they just give your gift to someone else, because they might already had ones). No matter how much you spend for the gift, someone else might give the same one :) it happened a lot.
    These cushions will replace those gifts, because it's personalized yet affordable. Our friends will appreciate more.

    Make our life a lot easier.