24 February 2010

Beatrice's 6th Bday

Beatrice is surely a lucky girl. She'll have a birthday party that is going to be a great one. Do you wonder why? ^_^ Take a look at the goodies we've made for her. A while ago, Bea and her parents came to our workshop, they had a quick 5-minutes-scan to pilo's products and made decision that they would go with the patchwork bags. First I thought -same with other family- they would only have that bag for the goodie. Well apparently I was wrong 'cos Bea's daddy said, he also wanted our baby-animal-shirts to put in each of the bag. I said wow "double goodies? hmm, Bea's friends must be happy to received it". Well, if you think they stopped there, then you were wrong. Cos a couple of days later, Bea's mom called and informed that she also wanted some snacks to put in each of the bags. I said "woohoo... triple goodies?... I want to be Bea's party guest" hahaha...
Anyway, Bea's mom has set the birthday bar pretty high, because after this, other moms have to think extra to celebrate their kid's bday. Why? cos no other party is as great as Bea's bday party ^____^

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