04 February 2010

My Sherine is turning two

Its February already? wooow.... Can't believe it. Time flies so quickly. Anyway, last January was a very busy month, I'd been here and there doing this and that, but no matter how busy I was, I always remember my children birthday (who doesn't anyway??? ^_^). My Sherine is turning two this 2nd of February 2010, and I already prepared the goodies since last December hahaha.
Since Erin loves sponge bob very much so I think it would be the theme of her bday. I prepared 6 Sponge bob and 6 Patrick dolls, put each of them in a square-melamine-bowl, wrapped them in tulle, and knotted pinky brown ribbon for last touch. Not to forget, I added a little 'thank you' note in every goodies. This little bday party just celebrated by 4 of us, well with also our maids and nanny. After we blew the candle and cut the cake, then we did the next best thing: share the cakes & goodies to our neighbors. Cant believe, a day after that Erin got many presents from them. Thank you very much dearest neighbors, really glad to know each of you.

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