03 May 2010

Clarissa's 5th Bday

Clarissa a.k.a Icha is Mrs. Elena's kid no. 2 :) Elena called me 10 days before Icha bday and ordered 47 pieces of my denim bags. I kinda worried cos I normally need at least 3 weeks to finish order that many. Anyway, I rushed and rushed, couldn't sleep for couple of days, and tadaaa here they are, finally ready to deliver. Well, talking about me and Elena, we have many things in common. We've been to Universitas Tarumanagara for our Bachelor in Accounting, I met her again in Sydney, Australia when we took our postgraduate degree at University of Technology, Sydney. We also worked as part timer at the same place: Coles Supermarket as checkout operator :). To add more to the odd, she later married John who was my ex-flat mate at Wentworth Apt, NSW. And guest what, we meet again here in Jakarta, bump many times at restaurant, supermarket, swimming pool, car park, cos of what? Elena lives in Kelapa Gading Square, which is the exact location with my workshop. Hehehe. High five Len ^_^

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