11 May 2010

Bryan's 9th B'day

The pictures shown here are Bryan's bday goodies. They are all ordered by Bryan's mom Mrs. Tashya. Tashya is my best friend's bff's friend hehehe. She ordered 3 mixed goodies: my best seller-4-color-patchwork-bags, my towels and my giraffe cushions. These cushions however will NOT be given to the kids but instead to the moms. So, I embroidered the names of the mommy on each of it ^_^. Well, for sure all the party guests will get goodies haha... too bad I don't have goody for the daddies, cos if I do I'm sure she will also order 'em hhahaha... Anyway, inside each of the bag, she put another 2 extra bags; one is filled with candies and others snacks, the other with toys, stationery and misc stuff. I bet party guests really put extra efforts in finding perfect presents for Bryan cos they've got wonderful goodies ^_^

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