04 June 2010

Heidi-Hayden-and-Jeff's Barney & Doraemon Tees

When I've got order from Ms. Diana to sew Barney-the-purple-dinosaur on the t-shirts, I said OK instantly. Well, Barney pattern for sure is easy to find, its also a simple shape to sew, and the color is only purple & green. Just as simple as that. None that I know, Barney's purple is pinkies-purple that the manufacturer made only for him. I check all the store and market I used to buy my fabrics but none has the exact Barney's purple. I almost cried. Anyway its almost a week but still I haven't sew Ms. Diana's order yet. It came to my mind to call her and drop the order. Well it was the silliest and unprofessional idea that ever came across my mind. But thanks God I didn't do that. Later on, I tried to use my common-plain-purple, mixed it with the-almost-the-exact-green Barney color, and sew Ms. Diana's children names on each of it. When they were finished, I took a picture and send it to her Blackberry, she responded with one word: "CUTE". Later she asked if I can sew "Doraemon", I said YES. Then, a second later she re-order 3 polo tees with Doraemon's face on 'em. Haha. Well, those pictures are Ms. Diana's order for her 3 children: Heidi, Hayden and Jeff. Those two patterns are my first attempt of Barney and Doraemon. I hope my other friends also like 'em and place an order :p

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