27 May 2010

Marvel's 3rd B'day

Ms. Grace (Marvel's mom) had been in contact with me since March 11th, she wanted to order cushions for her baby boy b'day. However, she did the actual order by May 4th when I already took order from Ms. Elena, Ms. Tashya and Ms. Devi and all children are having birthday on the very same month: MAY. Haaaiiik.... these May orders are very challenging for me, cos on the same month, my two baby girls have one-week-come-and-go-high-fever, maids and nanny caught flu, driver resigned, and on top of all, my husband had been hospitalized for appendicitis. In addition, we just moved our office + workshops to a new location. Anyway, after being a driver with the route from home-hospital-office-home for days, I manage to have another new driver. But the good news are my girls already okay now, husband already start to work, and all my goodies finished on time. Aaah God is good all the time.

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  1. A message from Ms. Grace Juliana received on Sunday, June 6th, 2010 at 9:55 am at my Facebook account:
    "Thanks Lan for everything you've done for me and my boy...I'm happy to hear all of your family member healthy right now... For all mom, if you need goodies bag for your children...Pilo-pilo is the right choice....:) All the best for Pilo-pilo..."