07 July 2010

Somebody wears my handmade bag :)

Last Saturday (July 3rd) we've got invitation from a friend to celebrate her boy first birthday. Me & hubby were late cos we still have to work on that day .. hix.. Anyway, we came when the room already packed with her guests. We sat on the table in the corner cos that was the only table left, and voilaa in front of us there's my green-dino bag hanging on a stroller. I took a picture of it with my blackberry in silence, but I noticed the owner of the bag have a glimpse of what I did, I hope she didn't think that I plan to grab something out of it. hahahaha. Lately, I met kids wear my t-shirts at mall, or wear my denim bag at school, etc. I couldn't describe my feeling every time I saw kids wear my stuff. Aaah sooo P-R-O-U-D. ^_^

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