24 July 2010

Gwyneth Henson's 2nd Bday

The photos shown here are bday goodies ordered by Ms. Linda Chuang. She has three beautiful kids named Denzel, Gwyneth and Gillian. The one who is going to have her 2nd birthday on August 8th is Gwyneth -kid no. 2- ^^. Ms. Linda ordered our denim tote bags that will be given to her friends' kids, her kid's friends, her relatives, the teachers of 2 different schools, and last but not least to her nannies and maids. Yup, its 88 pieces in total.

Communication with Ms. Linda was not so smooth at the beginning 'cos first she lives in Medan, and second she was on 3 weeks holiday in Singapore, so many messages I send to her email or BB messenger were gone with the wind. Not sure why but the only communication work was thru short message service, so we did sms-ing all detail back and forth. Cant imagine she must type all 88 names to me, informing the sex of each kid, and informing the detail about what motive should I embroider to each bag. After receiving it, I must confirmed to make sure I got them right, and she must re-confirmed about it. Wooaa ... already feel exhausted just by typing it hahaha...

But well seems like Ms. Linda likes the goodies we made for her 'cos when I write & publish this blog, I have not send them yet to Medan, but she already discuss with me her next order -which is beeeep - to her kid no.1 fifth birthday on September *very BIIIG grin*

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