28 August 2010

Finger Puppet Collection

Taddaaa, here they are my finger puppet collection, I order from 2 different craft-ladies from 2 different cities finally arrived after waiting for weeks. Always happy to see these tiny stuffs they made.
Lately I am obsessed with artwork made of felt, that's why I keep contacting craftsmen to order some sample. These two ladies handmade are the best so far, that why I order and plan to keep re-ordering for more.
At first, my plan is to add more product range to pilo-pilo just in case one day I plan to have an exhibition here and there, then I do have some ready stock that people can directly purchase and bring home without waiting.

However, I cannot help to take picture of these cuties and uploaded to my online shop on Facebook, and guess what, every time I upload new series of these finger puppets, no matter how many stocks I have, they are all gone in couple of days ^_^
Again, I must thank to all moms who wanted to wait for my new stock, really appreciate it.
As for those two ladies whom I never met but I consider as my new friends, thanks very much for speeding up my order and still maintain to do it neatly *Clap clap clap bowing*


  1. Aah, belum sempet difoto finger puppet Ai, ntar secepatnya aku foto & tag. Anak2 senang sekali lho.. thanks ^^

  2. Mommy Ai, ban ban kamsyaaah *smooch* ^_^

  3. Lovely blog! I´m also love finger puppets and I craft. Visit my blog if u can. Thanks. Vera