31 August 2010

Additional Order for Presley's 1st B'day

A couple of days ago, I uploaded photos of Presley's bday goody bag which was denim tote bag with Boots head embroider on it.
Ms. Susi (Presley's mom) confirmed order was received on mid June, and Presley will have her 1st bday next 26th September. Oh how I hope all my customer will be like her. She made a long time plan, and for sure she gave me enough time to think and make her goody, and for this she always get a 'special' price from me.

The additional order from her for Presley's bday was taken a week ago. She was in panic when she called me. She said the confirmed guess who want to attend Presley's party are more than she expected. She wanted more goodies for sure. Knowing that I already fully booked until mid October, she asked if I can squeeze whatever goody I can make in this short time. Well, seems like she has no other choice but to order towels, cos that's the fastest goody I can make. Thank God she ok with that.

The photo shown here are one of her additional order. I am the one in the picture. I wear my PJ and bring toothpaste and brush to make the picture look interesting hahahaha.
I love this colorful PJ of mine. You see sometimes its difficult to choose what color to wear, so I wear all. ^_*

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