01 September 2010

Copyright Infringement

Last August, I've got a surprise message from a dear customer, informing about my goodies that was sold by other Online Shop (OS) on Facebook. Actually she asked if that OS is also mine since it sells the same goodies. I checked that OS right away and I felt like I was knocked unconscious.
The owner of that OS was not only copied my design, but she was also took my photos and posted as her own. I was so so upset I almost cried.

I think every person who has sewing skill and owned sewing machine can easily do what I do. And if someone wanted to copy my design then it should be fine. 'Cos every hand will create different result in shape, color, etc even-though we tried to make the same thing. For example, I embroidered Elmo on one of my goody towel, and my dear craft-friend also embroidered Elmo on her towel, but the end result was: we have totally different Elmo!

One thing that upset me most is that she positioned her OS as shop that can provide custom-made order with Mangga Dua (much cheaper) price. None that her customers know, she can sell them with unreasonable price 'cos she only need to copy someone else design and used alternative material to finish thing up. For example, the towel for my goody is bath-towel size 100*50 cm, while she used sport-towel size 55*30 and I don't need to start judging about the quality of the towel she used.

Sometimes I wonder, if she's that good, why not take a picture of her own work and published it. Cos when I read the comments of the photo she took, she actually agreed to make different design if customers asked for it. And she got comments on that pictures more than I've got on my own. hahahaha what an irony.
I wonder, what the end result of her work. Was that too bad that she didn't even dare to take picture of it? or those moms were only asking but didn't do actual purchasing?? that's why she didn't have any other pictures? wonder... wonder... wonder

Anyway, to be honest with you, I don't have any original design or original goodies myself. I see people make towel as b'day goody, I make towel goody, too; I see people make cushion as b'day goody, I provide that too. As for design, I get lucky to have a husband who is willing to advice me with color combination, and also draw cute things for me. But when he is too busy for that, I have to 'copy' from whatever I could find by googling them, and make a new product out of it. Here are the samples of the design I copied and the goody I made. Not really that creative huh?? please tell me I am not a copy cat too. or am I ??? haaaiiiiyaaa...


  1. hmmm i never purchase any goody frm u.bt in the 1st time i saw pilo pilo in face book,i like it.n u hv a very reasonable price.indonesia is a copy cat country..hmm i think what ever they think can make money they will copy i sell it online.

    bt quality n sincery cant lied...so dont worry u still the best.believe urself.i dont think they can copy that same goody as u do..even urself i believe hard to make 2nd time with the same design.so dont say copy.

    anyway i hope in future i can order my kids goody from u...(^^)

    ps: is it original pilo tat i add in fb??(^^)

  2. Dear Ting ting, thanks a lot, hehehe btw yes, its original pilo pilo that u add on FB :) there's my FB badge on top right of this blog. the same one rite?

    Looking forward to make goody to your dear one (hug)

  3. A message on my FB wall from Ms. Ade Wulandari, Sept 1st, 2010.

    Ade Wulandari said:
    Hi sist...saya setuju sekali,beda tangan pasti beda hasil...
    Saya jg suka jahit,dan aplikasi yg sy gunakan banyak sy dapatkan dr google search..jgn sedih, nanti customer dpt menilai dgn sendirinya, kalau produk yg sist buat lebih berkelas..
    Tetap semangat.