03 December 2010

Jeslyn Ivana's 6th B'day

Since I uploaded the photo of Baby Ashley's Hello Kitty cushion back on October 3rd, it became my new best seller. Normally those mommies will pair it with Shinkansen cushion (Pattern first made for Denzel's b'day). Well, those mommies unquestionably are Sanrio's fans.
During October and November, I got order from 4 mommies ordering those pair. How lucky I was.

For today's post, I'll show you the photos of Ms. Julie Chou's little princess: Jeslyn Ivana's 6th birthday party at school.

Photo 1: These are the back case of the cushions with signature "Jeslyn Ivana's 6th B'day" embroidered on it. Hmmm, what is the scissor doing in that picture? Sorry moms, this picture was unprofessionally taken by me. And I have to admit, I am not professional photographer (ehhmmm, just in case you didn't notice :p)

Photo 2: These are the front case of the cushions.

Photo 3: This is Efan, one of my staff. He was packing all the goodies after I finished QC-ed them.

Photo 4: Taaddaaa, here is the birthday girl Jeslyn with her BFF: Giovanna

Photo 5: Here's some of Jesie's gal friends at Lilin Bangsa International School.

Photo 6: And this last picture was Jesie with some of the boys at her class.

Before I mentioned that there were 4 mommies order the same goodies these past 2 months, so why I picked Jeslyn's goodies to be posted here? Well, simply because Julie is our neighbor hehehe, her house is around 30 meters far from our house. And Julie didn't mind to share these great pictures from her collections (actually she sent me more than those 3).

Anyway, happy 6th bday dear Jeslyn, and thanks so much for the cinnamorol (one of Sanrio's character) cup cake and candies you shared to Sydney and Sherine. Eeeehh as for Jeslyn's b'day gift, do you mind waiting a bit? haha (I promised her my Hello Kitty amigurumi, but I doubt it will finish this month :p) AaiyoooO ^^