02 December 2010

Baby Ashley

Yesterday I told you that my pilo-pilo is turning two this December, rite? It makes me very very happy and for that reason I plan to post something here on my blog everyday 'till December 31st mppphhhh #cari-ilham-dimulai

Okay, I have an interesting story about baby Ashley, first baby of Ms. Heni Daniel. Her order were taken back on August, and her first request was my cushion to be given as her baby-one-month-giveaway. She wanted 30 pcs of them. The due date was on October, so it meant the baby one month celebration would be on November. I thought this was going to be an 'easy' job for me without any rushing problems 'cos I have plenty of time doing it.

Why later on it became an interesting story? Here I told you why #drumroll (^_^)

Around September she contacted me informing that she needed more than 30 pcs cushions. I asked how many exactly? She said : 70. Ouch .. yeah those 70 pieces meant more than double than her first order. I said it shouldn't be a problem since the delivery date would be on November, so I still have 2 months to go. She said, apparently there was a change of plan, she didn't want them as 'manye' give away, she wanted them as souvenirs for all families, relatives, and friends who visit her on the day she gave birth to baby Ashley. I said OOooowwccch!! Double goodies shorter time, aiiyooo!!! (*_*)
But again, an order is an order, I had no choice but to say OK let's see what I can do.

We rushed and rushed... I tried my best not to panic, even-though I always had a butterfly in my stomach each time Heny contacted me checking how many of the cushions were ready, and she mentioned that she probably gave birth any day soon. (T_T). So what I did, I told her not to stressed out (easier said than done, right? hahaha)... I promised I sent those cushions partially, maybe 20-25 pcs per delivery every time they were done. She said okay, well, she didn't have so much choice either, did she? :p

And yes, all cushions were delivered to her around couple of days before she gave birth. Hallelujah. Thanks be to God.

Here I post a little more story. This picture was sent by Heny, it was her on the picture holding the wallpaper sample album for baby Ashley's room. Heny is a Hello Kitty fan and for sure she wanted everything related to HK for Asley.

Using the same pattern, here is the cushion we made for dear Ashley. Not so bad, huh ^^

Last picture was taken from Heny's album. This is baby Claire Ashley photo, collage with pilo-pilo cushions. Lucky baby Ashley will surely grow as pretty as her model-look-a-like-mom Ms. Heny. Congratulations dear. Smoochie smoochie (^_^).

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