29 December 2010

Mr. Green Frog

This Mr. Green Frog is one of my Amigurumi from 2nd batch. I mentioned before that I will start selling them around mid January 2011 together with the others, right? But since these past three days I keep getting email after email asking about it, so okay then, you can order him now. ^^

He is cute, isn't he? With his blue & white stripe t-shirt and red scarf ... hmmm what a handsome little frog ^_^
Oww, but you only can order him okay? 'cos Mr. Latte the Tenorikuma still have to wait for his Sanrio's friends, and Mr & Mrs. Turtles are all gone.

All package of Mr. Green Frog will be sent to post office by Tuesday, January 4th 2011. Kindly wait. Last words, please love him, dear Moms. 'Cos I do. Very very much. ^^

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