28 December 2010

Pilo Pilo's Workshop

Happy Tuesday. Today is my 28th posts. Ckckck 3 more posts then I can have my break. Just realize that blogging is exhausting hahahaha. Well, after I finish with post no. 31, you probably will see me again on February 2011 ^^. I wonder if anybody will miss me #lambai-lambai-ke-Bibrina ^^

Anyway, for those mommies (my dear customers) whom I never met but love my creation, I thank you deeply, 'cos pilo pilo is nothing without you. It's an honor to have the opportunity to be part of your kids' happy day. And above all, thank you for trusting me. Well, it's always a surprise to me, when customers put their orders, some of them transfer me the down payment more than I requested, yet some made payment at full amount; even though the goodies ordered need 1-2 months to make. Wooow... again THANKS. ^^

Well, for today post, I'll show you my workshop, this is for those mommies who are not get used to purchase things online ^^. So if you want to meet me personally and see the goodies we made, you are all very welcome at my workshop. Its on BIZPARK, Commercial Estate, Blok A5: 58-60, Jl. Bekasi Raya. Pulo Gadung, Jakarta Timur.
It's actually my hubby's office and workshop (It's a design and built company), I used around 36m2 from his office as my workshop. And I thank him for sharing me that space, 'cos actually that space supposed to be his meeting room. Hehehe, love you hon.

You can contact me at 021.4683.0672 (phone), or 021.4683.0673 (fax), or message me directly at 0811.991.8801. We open Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Kindly make an appointment first before you come, 'cos as a mommy of two, my daily routine before I go to work is to make sure my Sydney already arrive at school, and every 12.30 I must pick her up. ^^ I go back to office around 1.30 - 2 pm, and sometimes I must go again 'cos I have to drive her to swimming pool for her swimming lessons, or to her piano lesson, etc.

Yeah, that's my daily activity. So, kindly understand if you contacted me and I not yet responded, well, I probably driving, or on the meeting, or cutting my fabric, or picking my nose, jiahahahahaha.... #yuck ^_^!!!

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