05 December 2010

Spelling Error

Happy Sunday y'all. Today I am going to share you the story about my silly mistakes in spelling names.

Here you go.
This order came from Ms. Stefanie Santoso to her son DAVIN. Clearly I spelled it wrong and realized it a day before I delivered to her.

So, what did I do with this "David" towel? I posted the photo on Facebook and made a quiz to my friends. In this quiz I asked whoever has kid, relative or friend named DAVID could have the towel for free, but first they have to show a little proof to me. The response were great. A mommy claimed that her brother in law named David, a college student claimed her uncle named David, etc. Yet my nephew also responded to the quiz, said that her grandpa named David. I laughed my lungs out, cos her grandpa is my Pap. The winner of this quiz was my dear friend Fi-Fang. Her third born son named David. I gladly sent the towel to her.

Okay, now another wrong name spelling picture. Can you guess what's the different between these two photos?

Hahaha, yeah confirmed order for "Serene Koh" but we embroidered it "Serena Koh". Correction done, and package sent! (^_^).

This last two pictures were another error made by me. This was one of the denim tote bag ordered by Ms. Susi Susanto for her girl ALEXA's 4th b'day. She first confirmed that one of Alexa's friend named Darryl, but later she made correction to "Darrel". I printed the wrong name lists, so... you know... :p

I guess when you are a mom of two, must work full time as your hubby assistant at his office, give 100% attention to your own work, then this kind of mistake is tolerable right?? Right...??? RIGHT??? Somebody please say right!!! Noo, it just my silly excuse hahaha. No more spelling mistakes later mommies, don't you worry (^_*). Finger crossed.


  1. no worries please.... xixixixi it happened to me as well! but what i grateful about your mistake, is that i got the towel! hahahaha thanks a lot pilo pilo!! I like the towel, and baby David loves it! Especially the whale, so cute! Thanks again!

  2. You are very welcome fang *hug* and please send David a kiss from auntie Filan yah. Mbuuuaah.