06 December 2010

Purple Elephant

When I wrote that I will publish 31 posts during these 31 days of December my hubby laughed. Well he has a point, cos I normally published 1-10 posts a month. He said he didn't sure if I could have that many stories to share. Today is 6th of December, and he caught me many times day dreaming in front of my PC. Hehehehe... He gave me his 'told-ya' smirk and little pad on my shoulder and said "only 25 more stories to go Hon ... jiaayooo" (>_<)

Well later if you read the story about my 'old' work or more posts about my kids, then it obvious that .............. yeah, you can fill the blanks :O

This was one of my very first art work. I called it Patchwork bag. None of it were patched, so basically I dunno where I get that name. I should change the name I guess *blushing. Need your input about this moms, my pea-sized brain can think of anything rite now.
I made 4 different colors with 4 different motives embroidered on the front pouch, and this purple elephant was the first of 4.

Want to know where I get the pattern? Easy. Its from my Sherine's bib. She was 10 months old back then, so practically I have many baby bibs at home. Kinda embarrassing to tell you that some of my best seller goody's pattern were copied from my baby bibs, their PJ, their shocks, in fact wall lamp hahaha.... please don't run to my competitor, dear customers. I have my original too :p

Next..... :p
Using the same pattern, I embroidered this elephant on my cushions for Ms. Wulan Wibowo daughter "BELLA" for her 1st birthday. All 32 goodies were sent to their house at Yogyakarta on October 2 months ago (heiii this was consider new, hooray not all are oldies yippee).

Hmmm, I think I'm going to embroidered this elephant on my towel very soon. Hahahahhaha. #kurang-kreatif-kalee-kau-BAH! d(^____^)b

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