24 January 2011

My Melody Amigurumi

Aiyooo, seems like my Sanrio set amigurumi will not be ready by end of this month. So sorry, mommies. It has been really busy over here, with my Sydney's new enrichment class schedule and we must move to a new place (our house is under renovation), etc. But the most challenging part is my mistake in taking note of Ms. Meiny's 2nd goody order. It suppose to be on February 3rd, and I though it's on March 3rd. So, you know ... aarrrggghh #green-face (>_<)

Anyway, this is the picture of My melody amigurumi. She's not finished yet. You see, she has no hand hehehehehe. Melody supposed to be on my Sanrio set amigurumi that I plan to sell as a whole, not separately. Well, seems like I have to remove her from the group #tears-in-my-eyes #what-a-drama hahaha

Actually, timing is not the only concern here. Take a look of the photo below.

This is another problem. I want to make all of my Sanrio characters the same size. But, from the pattern we use, end-result of Melody amigurumi is smaller than the rest. Aiyoo.... Well, to make a new pattern is actually not a problem, but first we need to have full concentration on her. And it seems impossible 'cos we also have to concentrate on goody order and other amigurumi dolls. Not to mention, my dear amigurumi fans out there seems cannot wait anymore.

So mommies, today post is actually want to inform you that Sanrio amigurumi (and the rest of my 2nd batch) will not be ready by end of January. Hopefully they will be ready by end February #heeei-who-throw-this-tomato-at-my-face?? hahahaha :p

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