26 January 2011

The Urban Mama

Never happened before that in one day, there's so many people visit my blog and more than 50 new friend requests were sent to my Facebook account. I wonder why.

Well, I'll tell you why. Yesterday, we got a nice review from Ms. Thalia Kamarga from The Urban Mama (TUM). hip hip horraaay.... d(^_^)b.

What is 'TUM'?. For those who don't know, TUM is a forum for modern moms. It was launched on December 22nd, 2009 as one stop portal for parenthood and parenting sharing sessions. Quoted from TUM's website: "We believe that every parents has their own parenting style, as no two kids are ever the same. Our website is created for that purpose… sharing & discussion, focusing on the kids as the center of our stories, discussions, review and activities"

To be able to get a nice review from TUM, made me super-D-duper-happy. And this is pilo pilo's product review on TUM. To read full review you can click here.

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