25 February 2011

Last February Delivery

Its almost week end, YaaaY ^^ I will try to enjoy my week-end even though I know that next week is going to be a tough one (3 moms order goodies on the same time... arrgghh I need secretary to help me with this hahaha).

Anyway, today I post a photo that I just took this morning. It's 12 packages to you my dear customers. They are going around Jabodetabek area till Bandung, Surabaya, Samarinda and Yogyakarta.

BIG thanks again and again for you dear moms for your willingness to wait. Ckckck 2 months waiting just for a piece of polo-tee or a towel or a denim bag? Seriously, if you were near me now, I already give you a BIG hug.
Kindly drop me a word on my Facebook wall when you receive this package, ok Moms? Smoochie.

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  1. Comments taken from our Facebook wall & inbox:

    Candice Eva:
    Laan, anduk uda nyampe. Kamsya yah. Me likey soooo much :)

    Dewi Permata Sari:
    Mbak Landy, goody-nya udah sampe.. lucuuuu bgt! Tapi blm sempet aku foto nih. Nanti aku fotoin + aku tag yaaa... Thanks a lot yaaa.. ♥ it!
    Yesterday at 2:56pm · Unlike · · See Friendship

    Nianirmala Fujie:
    Got my orders today. Yay! Great service n quality. Thank u pilo2, I love them. ♥♥♥

    Dyah Arini:
    Punyaku udah nyampeee... :D makasih ya mba...Raisha suka banget. langsung dipake tidur deh sekarang. :)

    Christine N. Panggabean February 26 at 10:33am:
    Sis, handuknya dah nyampe...anak2ku suka handuknya...lgsg dipake keliling2 rumah...:D
    thx Sis...