11 February 2011

Sanrio Amigurumi: Cinnamoroll

Happy Friday everyone. ^^
Today, I'll show you our 3rd Sanrio character amigurumi. This one has many fans on his own. Please welcome "Cinnamoroll"

Who is he? Here's another info copied from Sir Wikipedia ^^

Cinnamoroll, born on March 6th, 2002 on a cloud far up in the sky, is a white puppy with long ears that enable him to fly. He has blue eyes, and a plump and curly tail that resembles a cinnamon roll. Cinnamoroll's real name is Cinnamon. In the story, the owner of Cafe Cinnamon, a little cafe, looked up and saw a white puppy floating out of the sky like a fluffy cloud. The owner thought, "I wonder if he came because he smelled my cinnamon rolls". The puppy had a curly tail just like a cinnamon roll, so she called him Cinamoroll.
Cinnamoroll lives in Cafe Cinnamon with his friends: Milk, Cappucino, Espresso, Mocha and Chiffon.

And this is our Cinnamoroll amigurumi. We added a piece of cup cake for him to hold. Hope you like him.

Even though he is the smallest from the group, we took longer time to crochet him. Why? 'cos his curly tail is pretty difficult to make. I hope I can show you his tail. Hix, but I forgot to ask my hubby to take a picture of it. Buhuuu...


  1. Soooo cuuuttteee....can I have this one, pleasssseee?:D

  2. Sure you can Christine. You can email me at pilo.info@gmail.com for pricing, etc. Thanks ^^

  3. so cuteee.. takjub deh liat amigurumi buatan sis.. jadi pengen belajar bikin juga.. btw, boleh tau ga.. sis pake benang apa ya untuk amiguruminya?

  4. can u give me one for free???i love cinnamoro!!!

  5. I would love to get one, if your still selling, please send me an email at angel89624@hotmail.com