10 February 2011

Sanrio Amigurumi: Keroppi

This is my second Sanrio character Amigurumi, please welcome: Keroppi.

I believe many of you know him already, right? But for those who doesn't, here's the info from Wikipedia.

Keroppi Hasunoue (はすの上 けろっぴ Hasunoue Keroppi) is a green frog character with large eyes and a V-shaped mouth. Keroppi loves adventure, and his bubbly personality makes him popular around Donut Pond. He has a brother called Koroppi and a sister called Pikki. Most often he is seen with his little snail friend Den Den, always tagging along a little behind. Keroppi is a fantastic swimmer and singer (but not at the same time.). Keroppi was created in 1987 and his birthday is on on July 10. His hometown is Donut Pond.

And this is our Keroppi amigurumi

This Keroppi amigurumi reminds me of somebody. I wonder who? Oh yeah, my Sherine, hehehe 'cos they have the same big round eyes. How cute :)

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