23 March 2011

Baby Evan's 1st Month Goodies

These were the cushions ordered by Ms. Liwa for her second born son named Evan Louis Herman.
Photo 1: My best seller cushions: "The Sweet Plane" and "Red Volkswagen"

Photo 2: My other best seller cushion: "Shinkansen" and the one I designed not so long ago "Mr. Helicopter"

Ckckckck no wonder I got many complaints from Mom with baby boy. Just realize that they only have limited cushions to choose. hehehehe.... Aiyoo, it isn't my fault though, I have no sons *<--- ngarep blog di baca God trus dianugerahi anak cowo* Wakakaka... duh berat nih becandanya *sujud ampun* m(-_-)m

Well, I bet its time to have more macho design.... *goggle-gambar-robot-eeeh-ini-ada-yang-lucu-loooh-kog-pink-trus-pake-pita-en-bawa-tas-waaah-ternyata-robotnya-cewe*...D'oh!

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