27 October 2011

Bubbaaai Kitty ^^

Wow, this is the first time I have 2 posts in a day ^^..... just want to inform you Moms dearest, that all HK amigurumi are all adopted ^^

As usual I get complaint after complaint from those who didn't get any of it ^^ bewii sowii moms. We'll remake them I promise you.

Here are Kitty and Mimmy.

They say thanks to each of you, and see you very soon (courier service will pick them up tomorrow morning). Muach.


  1. those super-cute Ami has just arrived, thanks a bunch,mba... *kecup-kecup*

  2. aaaah a nice comment from my dear customer, thanks so much mbak Alink *kecup-back*

  3. so nice and kawaii, congratulations! ^^