14 May 2010

Ms. Devi's Goodies

Ms. Devi is the auntie of my previous lil client "Bea". The first time she saw pilo-pilo tote bags was from Bea -she remembered asked her if she can have one, but that lil girl said NO !!! :p - anyway, she saw my bags again at Benedict b'day goody, and she said to me, "well I definitely will order from you cos those moms trust you". Those moms (quoted from her) are very-high-standard-picky-hard to please-moms, so if they like your handmade thingy then it must be good. hahaha. I jumped to the sky.
One thing about Ms. Devi, she actually needs all the goodies by May 21st. However, I said I was afraid I couldn't make it since I had to deliver Ms. Tashya orders by 19th, so it meant I only had 2 days to prepare her order, and it was impossible. I needed to deliver at least by 29th. She said, okay she will re-schedule her party. I felt so bad, cos she must postpone her party. It's not good though :(
So, what I did? I opened recruitment to help me out. I was so glad that my staffs have families & friends who had the same skills with them, so I didn't need to hire someone totally new. hehe. I started making Ms. Devi's order by May 10th and tadaaa...here they are ready to deliver to her on May 21st. Hope those bags didn't let her down ^_^. (PS: the picture shown however let me down, cos I have to take it by myself. My hubby normally did that but he just had his appendix surgery so he was having a bed rest. Anyway, I promise you, they looked much better than the picture shown above, I mean it! ^_^)

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