29 July 2010

Finger Puppet Lover

I think I am a finger puppet (FP) freak hehehe. I continuously publish FP after FP made by felt on my blog. But what can I say? They are still one of my kids favorite things to play. That's why I keep purchased these FP play sets for my kids' collection. I use these FP not only to tell bed time stories to my girls, but I also asked them to get involve in every story. We made our own stories every night and none of them were make any sense at all hahahaha. One story that my Sydney made up was the elephant dating this bunny (how come??) and the pig was so jealous he flew (not with plane or wings, the pig just flap its two-front-legs) to the moon to meet his own girl friend 'the polkadot monkey'. jiaahahaha ^___^

Well, the FP shown here were made by talented fingers of Ms. Crea ... yup she is as creative as her name. I ordered 4 FP series, zoo animals, sea animals, dinosaurs and transportations. I upload those photos also on my Facebook, so that my fellow friends can see and order. Make your kid bed time story unforgettable, mommy. And trust me, if you let your kid get involved in it, I bet by 3 months you moms can published the whole book of children story... yess, every mom can be J.K Rowling... cachiing ..... hhhahahaha