11 August 2010

Faith's 2nd Bday

The goodies shown here are Mrs. Catherine Utami's order for her girl 'Faith' 2nd B'day. I thought Faith is her only kid 'cos Ms. Cath looks very young, well as usual I was wrong 'cos actually she has 3 cute kids already ^_^
This month order is quite interesting 'cos at the same time I got 3 orders from 3 different moms (of-course) to embroider Japanese SANRIO characters. As you can see, Ms. Cath order 'My-melody (the girl rabbit)' for her girl guess and 'Shinkansen (the cute fast train)' for her boy guess. Later I will post here their friends: Hello Kitty the cat, Charmy the baby kitten and The Run-Abouts. So cute. You know at the beginning I said I don't want to embroider any famous character 'cos I don't have a licence to produce them (hehehe ... kinda worry if Disney or Sanrio sue me rite?? :P) ... but well, it seems like non-famous character is NOT famous enough to get an order :p .. So, what can I say, kid wants, kid gets.... Happy Birthday cutie Faith ... smoochie smoochie

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