29 October 2010

Amigurumi Monkey

Did I tell you before that I'm obsessed with this kyuutiie called amigurumi? So so so in love with them, that every time there's a customer put an order, I have a routine ceremony to pat their heads and say good bye before I put them on the gift-box and tied them with the ribbon (actually want to kiss too but am afraid my lipstick will stick on them).

You know my first batch include 8 different amigurumi, there are: bunny, monkey, koala, chihuahua, octopus, turtle, doraemon, and colorful bunny from Sanrio named 'usahana'. We made total 36 pcs combined in 3 months. And now, after around one month from the first time I uploaded their pictures on my Facebook OS, there's only 8 of them still with me. And I don't think these 8 pcs will stay for long. Ahiiik.

We are now starting our new amigurumi project. We use different color combination, different expression, even thought it gonna be the same animal characters. Hopefully, it will become something surprising and unexpected from the first batch. It just that most of customers asking for hello kitty and more hello kitty (HK). Aiyoooo .... I myself, not really a fan of HK, and as always I don't really like to make a famous character 'cos a little bit mistake on the making progress will give you a funny-slash-silly-not-cute-result of the character itself. And if that happened, I rather not sell them. But a request is a request, first come from a mommy then more and more mommies, requesting the same thing: HELLO KITTY. So, I think well, lets give a try :)

The photo shown here is one of our cute monkey amigurumi. I put it on my girl's school bag and asked her to be the model. She was too busy playing actually, but she has no choice. What mommy wants mommy gets, or else, somebody will not get a new toy later on. Wuahahaha :p

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