05 November 2010

Renata Sabina Abigail's 3rd Birthday

Ms. Rosalina Pangabean a.k.a Ocha is a friend of my previous client Ms. Susi Firmanto (Presley's mom). Ms. Susi must have given a nice word about me, that's the reason why Ocha contacted me (^_^).
Ocha ordered 120 pcs towels as giveaway goody bags to children on Aby's Sunday school. She requested 2 new motives: 1. anything that has a ladybug in it, and 2. Aby's favorite character 'Tinker-bell'. I said Okay.

I googled 'Tinker-bell' and realized that she actually has 'human-face'. I screamed in panic (aarrgghh arrrgghhh #drama-banget-please-deh!). I thought Tinker-bell has a simple puppet face like sanrio characters. Aiyoo what a silly-slash-stoopid mistake, I must watch children movies more often. Tinker-bell, just like any Disney character, has a-perfect-princess-human-face. And that's the most difficult thing to do, it's like drawing a human face using embroidery machine, and repeat that 60 times. My knees shake.

Here you can see the picture of Tinker-bell that I plan to embroider on Aby's towel.

And here are the embroidery result I made of Tink's head using two different materials (left: from cotton fabric, right: from felt fabric).

Tinker-bell supposed to look smart and cute rite? and what I made look so licik and bengis. Woooaaaa..... I took the picture and sent to Ocha right away with a message: do you mind find other character beside Tinker-bell and any Disney princess character ??? (T_T) .
I guessed Ocha also as shock as I was, she responded instantly "okay you can change to whatever cute character you can do best". I then proposed a fairy Hello Kitty. She agreed. Pfuuihhh what a relieve. hiahhiahiaa. (#do-the-chicken-dance-tok-took-petoook)

Anyway, I felt awful that she must change Aby's favorite character just because I couldn't embroider it nicely, so I said, well you can also have other motives as you pleased. I have no heart to limit to 2 motives only as I always did. Later, she chose my colorful Volkswagen. And here are the pictures of some of the towels. Cute picture huh?

Hmmm.... just noticed, my hubby forgot to take the picture of the VWs, he took only the lining of each towel. Aiyooo hubbyyy.....!!! (>_<)

Anyway, these are the new motives for her (a lady bug on flower petals and green Fairy HK, I chose green to match Tink's color #maksa-judulnya)

I thank God that my hubby always help me capturing my product pictures. He arranged the position of the goody, put my kid's toys and other things as accessories, do this and that, and the result is always pleased me. Well, 'cos if its for me, then I will capture those goodies with my blackberry and post it as what it is :p

This last picture was taken by him when the product photo session is done. Yeah, the big lady who wear polkadot pj is definitely me. Looks very busy huh with one hand holding a mobile phone and other hand holding a Blackberry. Well, it didn't as busy as it looks actually, I was on the phone with my mom, talking about how to make cendol properly since I tried 3 times and all 3 of them tasted indescribable (hix, I did tell you that I cannot cook rite? its very true). Anyway, my other hand was scrolling my BB and on the same time reading the conversation of my high-school friends at one of my BB group. So, well can't say there's any important things to be discussed there (^_*).

Lastly, as you can see clearly yeah I do have a tattoo on my back. A big one. Hubby designed it, and a talented tattoo artist at Singapore inked them. What do you guys think about me now? Let me help you: I-am-a-cannot-cook-but-love-to-sew-preman-momma-of-two. Yup, that's me.

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