25 November 2010

The Journey to Brother Land

I had a big smile on my face when I typed the title "The Journey to Brother Land". Why? 'cos that is the translation I made for "Perjalanan ke Tanah Abang" woahahahaha. Yeah, just now I've been to Tenabang to buy more fabrics. You see, days ago I was run out of ideas, yesterday I was run out of fabrics (^_*). That's why today I must woke up earlier than I normally do so that I can go there without experiencing heavy traffic. And yes, thanks God no traffic at all *happy tralala*

There are 3 stores that I alway visit there. This was the first one.
The man on the picture was carrying 3 rolls of fabrics that I bought. Any of you recognize that blue and pink fabrics? No? hehehe, those are the fabrics I used on every back-cushion-cover-case I made.

This was the second store. I asked permission first before I took these pictures. The owner said 'yes' cos taking picture is the only free stuffs in this store hahaha, so yeah I have couple of good shots there.
It kinda turn me nuts every time I visit their store 'cos I want to buy all, but yet I must work within my budget (>_<).

The store owners surely know how to melt every craft-people hearts. They cataloging all motives and colors in a very nice way. Don't you want to purchase all?

I bought some lovely fabrics mostly imported from Japan, and I don't even dare to think how my goody selling price gonna be. Just hope that nobody yells me with: "Mahal banget sih!" anymore. Hehehe money don't lie right? You get what you pay for.

And lastly, here are some of the fabulous fabrics I bough. The lady looked so busy summing up the invoice and I was trying my best not to black-out when she finished calculating them (-_-")

Did I tell you before that I went to 3 stores every time I visit Tenabang? Well, today all budget gone in 2nd store. So, that's about it. No more posting about 3rd store. Pffuuuiiih now I smell like abang-abang ... hahaha.... 'Publish post'-button-pressed! Now hit the shower (^_^).

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